Biyernes, Enero 6, 2012

this is me when i was in high school 
now i can see the world :) 

i'll get that little M@dapaka

lagi ngyayari sakin toh 
may sa enkanto yata mga bulsa natin eh 

ito yung crush ok na kaibigan ng girlfriend ko
alam naman niya na crush ko ung kaibigan niya.
sana wag sila mag-away dahil sakin hahahahhaha 

"a Girl with a tattoo"
they think they are hot because of that they are wrong 
its just a drawing in a skin 
 so what are you suppose to be a piece of paper? 
God gave you a body that is clean so before you die please keep it as clean as possible 
your body is not a canvas that anyone can create their master piece
because you body is a wonderland